The magical tiger ears

Imagine, you walk into Nissan Arena and the first thing you are greeted with is Jenny Mauga smiling at you with tiger ears on.

The moment you walk in the door, you see a friendly face and tiger colours. It reminds you of why you love Netball and love being a part of the tiger community.  

You then lose her as she hurries off to make sure signs are up, and the ball girls are in place. Once again with tiger ears on. The game has finished and Jenny is now behind the lens of the camera taking photos and removing the signs from the court.  Job done! No, Jenny is now sending emails, organising court bookings, uniforms, clinics, cheer squads and getting ready for game day next week. All without a complaint and a not a tiger ear out of place. 

Every club, association, and sport needs a Jenny Mauga. Not because of the tireless hours of work she does (although important), but because of the smile you get when you walk in the door, and because of her ability to help every athlete, or tigers member feel like they have been a part of the tigers community for years. We don’t know how she does it, maybe those ears are magical.  

Thank you Jenny Mauga for your contribution to Netball and everything you have done for the Brisbane East Netball community in the operations manager role. We know you won’t go far. 

We have some big tiger ears to fill! 


Image by Greg Sullavan