2022 Ruby Champions

Over the weekend the Ruby team won the 2022 Ruby Grand Final. After appearing in their fourth Grand Final in a row, Carina Leagues Club Tigers have now won 3 out of their 4 appearances creating a dynasty for the Ruby team and the Brisbane East Netball community.

The first quarter started off goal for goal, with both sides capitalising on turnovers. Emily Gage showed her experience and smarts in the attack end remaining calm and composed, setting up Tia Crombie under the post. The mid-court were steady and provided the much needed defensive pressure to set the tone early. Second quarter, saw the formidable Tigers defence end start to reap rewards from their tight one on one defence. Hands over pressure from Sophia Dobson, first ball contest from Georgia Bloxham and Holly Comyns ability to contest in the air, started to gain the much needed turnovers and momentum for the attack end. The injection of Maddie Sivyer at wing attack, created a spark and the attack end looked effortless, finding Tia Crombie easily under the post.


They say the third quarter is the championship quarter, Tigers started to dig deep to create as much scoreboard pressure as possible. Jada Anstee entered the game at centre and Aaliyah Sheppard shuffled back to WD. Jada provided the drive down court to get to circle edge, the speed between Maddie Sivyer and Jada Anstee made it hard for Jets to keep them under control. The Tigers attack end forced many changes from Jets and forcing them into a tactical time out. Bella Rynne re-entered the game in GS providing a moving circle and giving something else for the Jets defenders to think about, Bella showed her creativity and timing, allowing Emily Gage to use her speed to enter the circle. Kiara Ratu entered the game at GK and with her imposing hands over pressure and ability to shut down her opponent meant the team was quickly able to gain a few turnovers, with the ever reliable captain, Georgia Bloxham doing the ground work out the front at GD.

The fourth quarter saw Jets come out of the blocks quickly, with a 5 goal run, forcing the tactical time out for Tigers to be called so they could re-settle. Aaliyah Sheppard was a stand out in the last quarter forcing turnovers and making it hard for the mid-court to connect with their shooters.  Tia Crombie stood up in the last as she had all game and season, often finding herself against  different defenders as Jets tried to work out how to shut her down. Shooting a massive 51/54 for the game, the 16 year old showed just how good she is and left fans eager to see what else she can do.

Tia Crombie was shocked when her name was called as MVP of the Grand Final.
“After a tough battle with the Jets, being able to pull away the win was incredible! Especially being me first season within the Ruby series, it felt surreal and it was an experience that is unexplainable! The atmosphere with the girls before the game got us pumped, and then our post game celebration in the change rooms was such a great experience and I felt so elevated within the team!! Being named MVP was unexpected! It was so crazy to be able to receive that award and it still hasn’t sunk in.  I am so blessed and grateful to have been under the coaching of Joe and Justin, and to be able to recognise their hard work through the MVP award was amazing!!

Head coach, Joe Hope was full of praise for her side was proud to see the girls win off the back of a really successful campaign.
“The girls had a few nerves coming to the surface before the Grand Final and we spoke about our process throughout the season and how it got us to where we were. Our process had kept us in good shape throughout the season so far. We just had to make sure when we took the court, we believed in it. We had all the answers, and we didn’t ask them to do anything that they hadn’t done all season – communicate, trust each other and execute the basics well. They had to believe and understand what that felt like, and they did, all the way to the 60th minute. Justin and I are really proud of them.”

The Carina Leagues Club Tigers finished up 64-53 with the a huge crowd in attendance to support the team. Joe Hope and Justin Wise finding redemption in 2022, after falling short in the 2021 Grand Final. Tia Crombie was named the MVP of the Grand Final for her standout performance. As always a huge thank you to the Carina Leagues Club we can’t do what we love without your support.

Carina Leagues Club Tigers Starting Line up
GS Tia Crombie
GA Emily Gage supported by Midas Tingalpa and Capalaba
WA Bella Rynne supported by Raise My House
C Aaliyah Sheppard supported by Ray White Commercial Springwood 
WD Sophia Dobson supported by Huis Estate Agents, BidFood and Space Frame
GD Georgia Bloxham supported by B Star 
GK Holly Comyns supported by Caribou Lighting

Q2 Changes 
WA Maddie Sivyer supported by Every Organics

Q3 Changes 
C Jada Anstee supported by Pirtek 
GK Kiara Ratu 



Images via Jake Hart – Hart Sapphire Series.