Looking to go one better – Tiger 16s

In 2022, the 16’s Carina Leagues Club Tigers Team are working hard to finish one better and take out the championship after finishing in second place in 2021.

Head Coach, Maleta is looking forward to the tournament. “The girls have worked extremely hard at training, and we are very proud of the effort they have put in thus far. The girls have worked collaboratively to drive their own game and learning. We also looked at each athlete’s form, performance technique and tactical game. This game is an innovative game, and we believe we offer something different and unique. We are ready for State Titles.”

With the competition starting this Sunday, Maleta is most looking forward to seeing the hard work they have done come into place. “ I’m looking forward to seeing the different strategies they have put in place to attack and counterattack with during the game. I’m also looking forward to seeing the risk takers – those that are prepared to take it one step further. Those that make mistakes, learn from them, and keep moving forward in the game.”

Maleta was Head Coach of Tigers Black in 2021, taking the team to a bronze medal finish. From that experience Maleta has learnt to trust herself. “I have learnt from last year to trust myself and make the calls. As a coach you do not have time to second guess yourself and decisions must be made quickly. I have also learnt to always expect the unexpected and therefore – always have a plan B, C and D. Preparation is key I believe. “

Aaliyah Sheppard, is in her second year representing the Tigers at the Nissan State Titles and after her first year playing in the Ruby Series. Aaliyah is looking forward to taking her experience from Ruby into the tournament. “ I would take the discipline, knowledge, and skills that I have learnt from the Ruby series.”

With the competition kicking off Sunday, we asked Aaliyah what she was most looking forward to about the competition. “I’m most looking forward to playing with new people and my friends I haven’t played with yet this year.”

“Our Team is looking good! We’ve had some strong games against Bull Sharks. We have a little bit of a different team this year, but I think I’m just looking forward to learning from my experience at the tournament last year and coming back stronger and harder.”

You can catch Maleta, Aaliyah and the 16s in action from Sunday 18th September. Stay tuned for all the draw details.


Aaliyah Sheppard is sponsored by Ray White Commercial Springwood.