Preparing for rep selections

Trials can be a daunting experience for all athletes, whether it’s from nerves, dealing with pressure or being able to play with players who you have never met. It’s important to remember all of these feelings are normal and you are not alone.

Some of our tigers shared their tips for selections:


Get to the courts early to put up shots. This will help you get your rhythm and get a feel for the post. This also let’s you mentally prepare, and get comfortable with the environment you will be playing in. It also gives you a chance to say hey to some fellow shooters. Listening to music is another tool  you can use to calm your nerves. Make sure you have a good playlist and finish on a favourite song to make sure you are as pumped up as you can be!
(Amy Sommerville – GA, GS)

Prepare, eat well and hydrate!

A good night’s sleep, hydration and ensuring you eat well the night before and the morning of trials  will allow your mind to be sharp going into trials, which is important in Netball as decision making is a core skill. Another way to ensure you are prepared is to make sure you maintain your fitness levels and ball skills throughout the off season, this allows you to perform as best you can. You can use the off season to enhance your strengths and weaknesses. (Tash Robinson – GA,GS)

Have your tool box ready

Being aware of what tools you have in your tool box is a great way to keep your mind busy. By understanding your skills you can  showcase your strengths at the trials and show the selectors what you are really good at. If you don’t know what your strengths are ask a coach, or team mate to help you out. Also,  remember why you are there, knowing your why, is incredibly important and it can be your thing to keep you confident throughout the trial.
(Sophia Dobson – GD, GK, WD)

Find a buddy

Finding a friend is a useful tool if you like being able to get your mind off things when you aren’t playing. Whilst it is important to stay focussed throughout the day, give yourself five minutes after you play to switch off, and have a laugh. Netball is a great community to make lifelong friends so don’t forget about that either. Just make sure you are ready to go as soon as you step back over the white line.

And the most important tip to remember is you aren’t going to make every team. It is very rare an athlete makes it all the way through their careers without missing selection. Use it as a tool to improve your skills, ask for feedback and use it to motivate you to be a better version of yourself. So next time, they have no reason to say no!

Good Luck and enjoy, your tiger tribe is right behind you!