What type of spectator are you?

We have all seen the memes and Tiktoks highlighting the characteristics of particular netball positions. Personality traits that (apparently) define what bib you are likely to grab before taking the court…. But what about the spectators? The action on the sideline can sometimes be as exciting as the game…. So what SPECTATOR TYPE are you?

The Umpire: 

STRENGTH – knowledge
WEAKNESS – (also) knowledge

This spectator knows the rules and calls the infringements before the umpire controlling the game has the chance to raise the whistle. Often finds themselves with an association official standing next to them in really tight games.

The Rider:

STRENGTH – attends and supports
WEAKNESS – likely to have high blood pressure

The rider quite literally rides every pass, every goal and every intercept – watching them is like watching the game. They rarely sit or stand still and if you look closely you will notice they don’t breathe when the shooters have the ball.

The Mascot:

STRENGTH – kindness
WEAKNESS – rarely gets a weekend off!

The mascot is an optimist – they find the good in every player and every result. Win or lose, new player or returning player, this champion of the sideline cares about their club, its players and its officials. A true legend!

The Tragic:

STRENGTH: Gets things done
WEAKNESS: needs another hobby!

Appears to eat sleep and breathe netball. The tragic spectator is heavily invested and always seems to have inside information on teams, players and draws! Tragics tend to move around the courts in packs. Off season? What off-season?

The Netball Dad: 

STRENGTH: there when you need
WEAKNESS: has difficulty accepting the budget required for netball season

Netball Dads tend to gather in groups usually around finals time. They are extremely resourceful and are usually the  designated chair, esky and injured athlete carrier. The all round good guy who often needs to calm the car load of netballers he takes to get Maccas after a carnival.