Netball and Construction Management: Rianah Childs

Rianah Childs started playing Netball at the age of 9 years old. Her first team at  Meteors Netball Club set the tone for what was going to be a successful career.  After representing Redlands Netball Association for many years she has now become an integral member of the Brisbane East Netball community, representing the Carina Leagues Club Tigers in the 16s, 18s, Ruby and Sapphire teams.

” I love the people at Tigers and the environment it offers me.”

Known for her dogged one on one defence, and bubbly personality. Rianah has impressed not only at the club level, but has also had success at the state level. Representing Queensland at the 17/U National Championships, and most recently being selected into the 2022, 19/U Queensland Final 16. When asked what her favourite thing about Netball was, it wasn’t the accolades that were the top of her list.  It was the friendships she has made, and the enjoyment she gets out of being able to stay fit and healthy doing something she loves.

As a recent Year 12 graduate, Rianah is enrolled into Urban Development (Construction Management), where she will be working hard to achieve her dream career of opening a construction business with one of her close friends. We asked Rianah why she wanted to pursue a career in Construction Management and we think her answer was pretty impressive.

“It’s something different! I really wanted to get away from the sporting and physical careers. Although netball does open up pathways for me doing something different  and a having a break from that aspect of life is what I wanted! Construction management is interesting and something different I would like to pursue especially as it is difficult to be a successful women in the industry. Making me want to pursue it that much more.”

In 2022, Rianah is excited to keep improving her game and adding new skills and dimensions to shut down her opponents.

We look forward to seeing Rianah on court in 2022 and breaking down barriers in the construction industry! If you want to know more about Ri you can follow her on Instagram and see what she has been up to in the off-season.


Feature Image by Greg Sullavan