The ultimate motivator : Ally McLeod

Ally McLeod grew up in Townsville and started her Netball career with the Yeppoon Blue Birds at the age of six.  Growing up in regional QLD, away from Metropolitan Brisbane had its challenges. But if anyone knows Ally, she does not let anything stop her from achieving her goals.

Moving down to Brisbane at the age of 17, Ally moved down to study and found herself at the Brisbane North Cougars, she played there for 7 years and is  now going into her second year with the Carina Leagues Club Tigers. Ally has already made a huge impact on the club as she is the ultimate teammate, and is always working hard and ensuring she is doing her best to motivate the people around her.

We asked  Ally a few questions to get to more of an insight.

Why do you play Netball? 
I enjoy the sport itself and the team environment. I love how competitive it is and the adrenalin rush you get before and after a game. I love the excitement and motivation you get when you achieve a new goal, and finding out what you are capable of. It’s also a great feeling working together with others and pushing them to achieve their goals. The thing i love most about netball is being in a team environment and making life long friends.

What advice would you give to athletes in regional areas?
You get out what you put in, work hard and do the extras. Find a group of friends with the same goals and passion as you and work together, it’s a lot easier to keep motivated when you support each other.

What is your best Netball achievement? 
I represented the Northern Region where we were champions in the Queensland Secondary School Competition and making my first Queensland Representative team.

We are certainly glad Ally made the move to the Tigers and we can’t wait to see the impact she will continue to have on the Brisbane East Netball community.


Feature Image Greg Sullavan