Great player, even better teammate : Sophia Dobson

There is a saying that you want great players and even better people. Sophia is that player. Going into her second year with the Carina Leagues Club Tigers, Sophia has gained the respect and admiration of her fellow teammates. Sophia is one of those teammates where there are never any doubts that she will be doing everything she can to be the best version of herself and making sure she is helping her teammates along the way.

We asked Sophia a few questions to get to know her a little better.

What does it mean to be a Tiger? 
Being a tiger means everything to me it means to be a role model for other people, it means being a teammate, a motivator, a friend, a family and a supporter.

You are incredibly successful in Volleyball as well as Netball. How do you fit it all in and what is your advice for young athletes who want to pursue a path of sport?
I fit it all in because I have a schedule and I communicate with all my coaches about my work load. My biggest piece of advice is to be open to all your teams (coaches and staff) about your work load so they know what you are doing and how much of it. I would say make a calendar with all your sports on it and have it on the wall so you can visually see it because it makes things a lot easier. Otherwise I would say go for it!! If you love two sports just do it while you can, there will be a point where one must slow down or fade out but while your young go for it!!

Your teammates have described you as the ultimate teammate. What do you love about playing team sports?
I absolutely love playing team sports because it makes unbreakable bonds that become life long friends. It gives you a family, a community that you can go to for anything and I know that my teammates will always have my back. I love the motivation that everyone brings to each other and it makes it super fun and enjoyable which is what you want.

What are your goals for Netball?
My long term goal for netball is eventually to play for the Australian Diamonds and travel the world playing, that would be amazing. But for now, keep making progress and learning new things, making QLD teams and eventually playing Sapphire.

You can catch Sophia in action for the 17/Under QLD State Team, competing at the Netball Australia National Championships in April.
Sophia is also supported by Huis Estate Agents, Space Frame and BidFood for the 2022 season.