18 years of Brisbane East Netball and the Carina Leagues Club

Carina Leagues Club has been a long time supporter of the Brisbane East Netball Community.  For over 18 years the Carina Leagues Club has allowed athletes within the Brisbane East region to fulfil their goals of playing Netball at the highest level in QLD. Netball is the third longest relationship behind Rugby League and Basketball.

Every week without fail, no matter where the teams are playing, there will be a Carina Leagues Club representative in the grandstands. #1 Fans Wade Core, Karen Minnikin, Nigel Stainer and Stewart Wyer to name a few. Their support in the crowd does not go unnoticed and we are so thankful to have them filling the grand stand week in and week out.

We chatted to Wade Core about the importance of supporting Netball.
“The Carina Leagues Club is passionate about supporting the community  and women in sport. I believe Netball is such a good product. We are incredibly supportive of the team, club and all the players.  All the players are grateful for the sponsorship and appreciate the leagues club being able to support them on the court.”


Whilst, there hasn’t been the on court success for Sapphire recently, Ruby are continuing on their way to being a dominant force for the fourth year in a row. Wade and the leagues club are always supportive and know the importance of supporting teams through the good and the bad. “Good players, great people.” is an important aspect of the Tigers culture that Wade and the Carina Leagues Club are driving forces of.

Some of Wade’s fondest memories of the Netball teams are any time he gets to travel with team, playing Pictionary in the Cowboys Leagues Club in Townsville  and being asked to present the winning medals to the 2009 Carina Leagues Club Tigers.

Wade is not only passionate about Netball, but believe all sport is important in creating friendships, and plays an important role in developing personalities. Sport plays a huge role in shaping communities and the Carina Leagues Club is proud to support not only Netball, but many sports within the community. Supporting junior development and ensuring all kids have access to play the sport they love.

“I have been a part of Tigers for four years and the support shown from Wade and the Carina Leagues Club is incredible. It’s not vey often you get a sponsor who is so invested in the club and the players. They push the Tigers Family culture and it is such an awesome club to be a part of. We cannot begin to describe the support they have given the region, but we will continue to do everything we can to be great ambassadors for the Carina Leagues Club and work hard at making them proud to support Netball for many generations to come.” – Amy Sommerville (Club Captain)

We can’t wait to see what the next 18 years holds.