The Victorian package deal

This year the Carina Leagues Club Tigers had two new additions to the squad. Making the move from Victoria, Ella Spencer and Chevvone Thomson both were a part of the Sapphire team and were both integral members of the squad. Whilst the squad saw so much growth in each of them, it was Ella and Chev who saw the most growth in each other.

We asked the duo a few questions about their friendship and how they ended up in Brisbane:

Why did you move to Brisbane?
C: To play Netball in a new environment, and when one is given the opportunity and luxury to be able to move states to pursue both a new netball experience and change of lifestyle. I could not say no.

E: I was really looking forward to playing a full season of Netball, given the last two seasons in Victoria had been so disrupted. It was a really amazing opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

How long have you been playing with each other for?
C & E: We have been playing together since 2018. We were both selected in the U19’s at Boroondara Express.

What do you love most about playing with each other?
I love the connection between Ella and I, because we have been playing with each other in the same team and have progressed together. It is special to share the netball journey on the court with her, even if it is only a few passes between GD/GA.

E: Playing and training at such a competitive level together has really strengthened our connection on court as much as it has off court. Even though we play at opposite ends, when we do have anything to do with each other on court, we just work really well together. It’s definitely a bond you can only have once you’ve played together for a few years.

What did it mean to have a familiar face with you in Brisbane?
C: It was so relieving knowing Ella would be up here as well, it took a lot of pressure off going in alone, especially because Ella and I are quite close, so it made things a lot easier. In saying that, the environment we came into was nothing but friendly and inclusive.

E: It was such a relief! I was so excited knowing that I would have a close friend to share the experience and transition with. It definitely brought me a lot of comfort.

You both have added so much to the team. What have you learnt about yourself and what have you noticed about each other?
C: That we are capable of change and adapting to a completely new environment, especially a netball environment. Playing in the same team for four years. You question your abilities to enter new surroundings with different people, so that was a big challenge to overcome.
I saw Ella, when we first came up here, open up to the new challenge and really throw herself into being  part of the voice of the team. I think she has only become stronger independently as a person and more resilient as a player.

E: I’ve learnt that Chev and I are extremely resilient. Coming into a new team, club and league environment can be quite daunting and definitely presented it’s challenges for each of us. I think we did extremely well to overcome what ever we were confronted with.
Chev’s really opened up in this team, more so than any other team we’ve played in before. I think she has become more confident in herself as a player. She has really great Netball knowledge and experience and I think this season, she’s learnt to have faith in that.

We have loved having Chev and Ella as part of the Tigers and we are so glad they made the move north.